Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why Choose Retractable?

Here are five simple reasons to consider making the switch to retractable screens.

1. Preserve Your Stylistic Integrity
When it comes to our retractable screens, the options are as varied as the unique tastes of our customers. Whether you’re aiming to cover your windows, a door, or any number of specific home features, rest assured -  you’ve got a wealth of colors & finishes at your fingertips that will blend with and accentuate your personal decor and style.

Courtesy of Phantom Screens, Inc. 
2. Won't obstruct your view
This is a seriously great and unique feature of retractable screens; when you don’t need them, they’re gone. Unlike clunky blinds and curtains, you don’t have to worry about any extra material when you simply want an untainted view of the outdoors.

Courtesy of Visbeen Architects on
3. Keep the elements at bay
A word synonymous with Phantom Screens - durability. With proper installation, each screen  is strong enough to handle humid, hot weather...and hearty enough to protect against our famously brutal Minnesota winters.

Courtesy of Refined, LLC. on

4. Reduce Energy Bills
Phantom screens are an investment with some solid returns. Our retractable screens can be 7x more effective than blinds & shades. Maximize the daylight by using screens only when needed. Save on A/C & energy costs

5. Interior Design Protection
Think of retractable screens as an insurance policy for your tapestries. The reduced glare from the sun will keep your drapes & curtains bright and colorful and prevent fading!

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So, there’s a short list of reasons to check out Minnesota Screens - contact us to find out more about how we can help make your home exactly as you like!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Minnnesota Screens Makes First Appearance at the Great Minnesota Get Together

Retractable screens on a stick anyone?

Well, ok, not really. BUT, Minnnesota Screens will be making our very first appearance at the Great Minnesota Get Together - and we’d love for you to drop by and visit!

In case you’ve never been to the MN State Fair, it kicks off this week. Frankly, it would take an insane amount of blogosphere space to tell you about everything the fair has to offer, but as with most treasured traditions, there are highlights. So, here’s a short list of ‘musts’ when it comes to fair season.

Giant Slide at the Minnesota State Fair
Seriously, the food. From chocolate-dipped bacon and fried alligator to deep-fried twinkies and crab fritters, this is a wonderland for adventurous eaters. Plus, the good folks organizing the fair have announced a whole new lineup of  unique food vendors. Come hungry and stocked with cash...and ready to patiently wait in line.

It’s a little hard to fathom, but the State Fair, in fact, boasts over 900 musical performances this year- many of them free with the price of admission. The main stage - the State Fair Grandstand (which is not free with admission) will feature some of the biggest names in the game, including Tim McGraw, Fall Out Boy, Journey and Aretha Franklin. Plus, each night is capped off with a fireworks show. If you’re aiming to take in some legendary tunes, the fair is a pretty solid bet.

From prize-winning animals, foods and crafts to historical exhibits and tours, there’s no shortage of interesting things to see and learn at the fair. Be sure to visit the Adventure Park,  where you can check out bungee jumping, reptile petting zoos, a butterfly house and a ton more.

And that brings us to Minnesota Screens! Like we said, we’re making our first trek to the fair, where we’ll be showcasing our Phantom Screens! Want to get a personal look into what retractable screens can do for you? Visit us in the Home Improvement building anytime between August 21st and September 1st.

Hope to see you around!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Beat The Bugs

Summer has arrived, and with it, mother nature’s littlest buddies: insects.

Here in Minnesota, we’re pretty well-acquainted with the insect world. We all know bugs are incredibly great for the environment in so many ways. Some pollinate. Others eat smaller, harmful bugs. There are even a few that are just pretty neat to look at.

Unfortunately, they can also bite, sting, startle and annoy - especially when they blaze trails into our homes!

Like it or not, bugs will get in from time to time. But, there are steps we can take to keep them out - including screens for all types of windows, doors and more.

With this in mind, here’s a little info about our state’s most notorious little pests, and some advice for keeping them where they belong!


It’s possible there isn’t another insect more obnoxious and omnipresent here in our state than the mosquito. Besides leaving behind their trademark itching, raised bites, mosquitoes are notorious disease vectors. In fact, they’re the world’s most prolific disease-spreader, responsible for hundreds of millions of illness case every year worldwide.

And, bug spray notwithstanding, there’s really nothing we can do about it; according to National Geographic, mosquitoes are drawn to our breath, our movement and our body temperatures. A great way to keep them away from us? A thin, well-installed screen of course!


My mother always told me - if you don’t swat at the bee, it won’t sting you. Still, these pests can be quite startling, and when they strike, the results are painful. And, pain’s only part of the problem; for example, when honey bees sting, they release chemicals called pheromones. These pheromones are very appealing to nearby bees and prompt them to join in on the attack. So, a single bee sting can multiply rapidly. Not good. So, if you want to sit near your summery, blooming plants and flowers without the worry of a bee armada, consider a screen as a good line of defense.


Here’s a name you’ve definitely heard before. Boxelder bugs are those black and red beetles that seem to show up all at once when the weather gets warm. While they’re not known for hurting humans, they cause a ton of damage to plants, and can make unsightly colonies out of the sides of your home. Plus, if they do approach you, and you decide to smash them, they release a foul odor. None of this sounding fun to you? Consider a retractable screen buffer and enjoy the outdoor - minus these pests.

No matter where you live, insects & bugs inside your home can be a pain. With retractable screens, you can rest easy, open up your home, enjoy the weather...and keep insects of all types right where they belong - away from you!